Questions from Readers

I received a couple of questions last week that I’d like to answer here for the benefit of all our readers.

Where do I leave general Christmas info….I have some neat Christmas ideas to share but can’t figure out where to publish these???          ~Lilly

Lilly, we have a Christmas forum on which we’d love to hear your ideas for Christmas!  You can join from our site, click on the Community link and then on the Forum header; or directly at  We sure look forward to meeting and talking with you there. Please join us!

Nice recipes.  Where do I add to your recipe page?          ~Dawn

Dawn, I enjoy going through our cookbooks at the store as well as sharing my own favorites from friends and family.  We have a recipe board on The Christmas Place forum, and would love to have you adding recipes for our readers there.  As I told Lilly, you can join the forum from our website or directly at I hope we’ll see some of your recipes there soon.

The forum also offers a place for asking decorating and gifting questions, sharing pictures of your own Christmas celebrations, and a kid’s area for jokes and letters to Santa.

Hope you join us on the forum for a little Christmas fun and sharing!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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