More changes!

The remodeling binge continues here at the store.  I wondered why all the industrial sawing noises yesterday….they took down another wall!  The Christopher Radko, Mark Roberts, and RJ McDonald collections will be open to the main store floor ~ you recognize that black-and-white tile, don’t you?


Porch construction is complete, and now it’s up to the decorators and merchandisers to put it all together – take a look at this neat new feature.


As soon as they have shingled the roof to Singing Santa’s new performance area, I’ll post an update.  We’re very excited about how his new area is going to be completed!

Tree relighting continues – they start at the bottom, and wrap each branch from trunk to tip and back, finishing off at the top.


All I have going on at my place is spring – no, all-year-long – cleaning.  New wood and paint and lights and trees are so much more interesting!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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