Two for Tuesday

After seven days of rain, the sunshine has been glorious today!  We’re celebrating a week of spring break here at the store with 9 am to 9 pm hours all week, so it’s a good time to take a little drive ~ and take a break from the world ~ and experience a little Christmas cheer in time for the first day of spring on Friday.

We have a few new things in the store already, though it’s just a beginning for the new season.  Here are two items in a wild animal theme.

First, an ornament for the Christmas tree – mom and babies have a very realistic look for being only about 3 inches tall.

Polar Bear with Cubs

Polar Bear with Cubs

If you’re not yet thinking about the Christmas tree, here’s a cuddly fellow that might tickle your fancy!  Who’s a vicious killer!?  Who!?  You are!!

Jazzy Lion Stuffed Animal

Jazzy Lion Stuffed Animal

I couldn’t resist those orange spiral curls, myself!

Have a great week ~ hope you’re in the lucky crowd enjoying spring break, and if not yet, your time is coming.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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