The Wisdom of Dove chocolates

I guess I’m a nerd.  I seem to be the only person I know who reads the messages on Dove® chocolates.  You really should take a look  next time you are “indulging yourself in an unforgettable Dove® chocolate experience” ~ they are little nuggets of encouragement and positivity.

Here are some messages I received from the few chocolates that, tragically, did not fit into the bottle of goodies I recently mailed to the favorite niece.  Did you know that the post office will mail a plastic water bottle filled with chocolates or just about anything non-hazardous, as long as they can stick a stamp on it?  But I digress…back to the wisdom of Dove®.

Believe the best in yourself.

Kick a bad habit today.

Think of someone who makes you smile.

Life is all about making memories.

Make someone feel good.

In chaos there lies opportunity.

Learn to say hello in another language.

Find little ways to make everyday a holiday.

See, aren’t those worth reading?    A chocolate that is uplifting both to the palate and the mind…more reasons to love the Dove®.

If I’ve inspired you to run out and buy a bag of chocolates, it is only right that I also suggest the dish in which to place them~


Star Plate Set

We use these dishes in our rooms at The Inn at Christmas Place, to hold bath soaps and wash clothes, but I’m picturing them piled high with caramel Dove squares.

Am I not brave, to have spent an hour this morning writing about chocolates and I don’t even have any to sample here at my desk!  Thank goodness it’s time for lunch now.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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