Two for Tuesday

I tend to stay out of the Christopher Radko ornament room here at the store – I’m easily distracted by shiny things, and can get lost in there admiring the many styles of Christmas ornaments he has created!  Well, I managed to walk around the whole room today (Mark Roberts fairies are in there, too, along with some wonderful sequined velvet Christmas purses…). These two cute-cute-cute little ornaments were flashing at me under the spotlights – a very fanciful stocking filled with goodies, and a tiny little harlequin Santa wearing green sequined gloves ~ who could resist?



Have you thought about displaying a collection of unique ornaments in a glass jar like this?  I’ve done this with plain round balls in a tall candle holder, but didn’t think about showing off anything as spectacular as these Radko Christmas ornaments ~ don’t they look fantastic?


Hey, there are only about 304 days to Christmas as I write this – life is good!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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