Singing Santa

Have I ever told you about our Singing Santa?  I know I have mentioned him before, but I don’t think I’ve even shared a photograph! 

Singing Santa is a Grammy-award-winning artist who sings and plays guitar, and has performed with several national country and gospel groups and in theatres.  He has been entertaining kids and adults both at the store and at The Inn for the past eleven years.  Santa has recorded several CDs of Christmas, sacred, and patriotic music.  From Memorial Day through Christmas, he entertains store patrons with concerts five days a week, and greets and performs for Inn guests as well.  He is appearing every weekend at the hotel now – there has been no long winter’s nap for our Santa! 

A generation of children is growing up with our Singing Santa as their go-to guy for Christmas.  Santa enjoys hearing children’s wishes here at the store, and posing for photographs with children, adults, families, family pets – you name it, he’s happy to be in the picture!  His beard is real, as is his round little belly.

On Tuesday, we filmed a concert at the Inn, and we’ll soon be sharing the footage with our readers.  Here’s a still image from the show.


Singing Santa in concert at The Inn at Christmas Place

We invited our Christmas Place employees to bring their children to this special concert, and I think the parents shot as much footage as I did.  To protect the innocent parents, we will not be identifying the children in any scenes…  They always have a great time with Santa, and enjoy helping him sing Jingle Bells.  One little girl stood right beside Santa with her hand lightly resting on his knee for the rest of the show that night.  Santa is assisted by his elf, Buttons.

Santa monkeys around!

Santa monkey-s around!

NO, this is not one of the kids from the concert!

Be watching for the video – I don’t think you can hear my vocal accompaniment on the tape – I really hope not!

If you haven’t yet met Singing Santa, we hope you’ll come by the store later this year and take in a concert and have your picture made with him.  He has a beautiful voice, and a winning way with children and adults ~ he is a living embodiment of the spirit of Christmas.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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