Two for Tuesday

S’mores!  Do you love ‘em?  We have a great collection of S’mores ornaments ~ this little guy wears a cap that reads Y My RV, and you can see his RV there on the right.  What a cutie-pie!


Love RV S'mores Ornament

The decorators have set up a beautiful new western pine tree to display our Egyptian Museum Glass ornaments, and they really shine among these branches.


Here is one of the golden glass ornaments they offer.  Notice that the cut glass channels are accented with gold leaf.


Now, you might be thinking, “How bold, to juxtapose a whimsical S’mores ornament and an elegant cut glass ornament in the same post.”  That’s just the way we roll here at the store!  We are all about speaking to the variety of styles and tastes that make this world a beautiful, colorful place.  We offer an unique experience to every customer that comes in the door.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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