Last Two Weeks for 20% Off!

Just want to remind everyone that there are only two weeks remaining in our on-line sale ~ 20% off almost everything!

Plenty of people have been shopping early and getting some great deals on Christmas ornaments, trees, and all kinds of decorations.  My guess is that they are buying things now to pack up along with last year’s things, instead of having to find a place to store new stuff and remember where it is next December.  That’s what I’ve been doing, anyway.  That is, assuming I do get around to putting my stuff away.  Some of the bits and bobs that I’ve picked up this year I want to keep out year round!

Also, for our Department 56 collectors, we have just introduced free shipping on all orders over $100!  That’s a wonderful savings, especially if you’re buying a house or two and the accompanying accessories.  The 2009 new releases are up on our site for pre-ordering (the inventory doesn’t come in until late spring or early summer).

This is your chance to enjoy saving money on next Christmas!

Life is good – it’s a gorgeous, sunny day, a tad chilly, but something to celebrate nonetheless!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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