The Christmas Nail

This year, I learned about the unique tradition of the Christmas Nail.

The Christmas Nail

The Christmas Nail

The Christmas Nail is a special ornament that is hung on the Christmas tree either by the head of the household or by the family together.  It is hung near the trunk, on a sturdy branch, and in a location that is not visible to casual guests who stop by to admire a beautiful tree.  It is hung with the thought that the Christmas tree foreshadows the Christ-tree, which only He could decorate for us, ornamented with nails like this.  It reminds us that, from birth, Christ’s mission was to die for sinners.  The nail hangs from a red ribbon, signifying His blood that flowed to save mankind.

It is a gentle reminder of the reason many of us celebrate at Christmas, and of the birth of the Savior.

Life is good!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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