The water company will do this for free.

Come out to your house at nine o’clock on a Saturday night and turn off your water main.  This is good to know when water starts pouring from under the laundry room door and you find it shooting out of the wall by the cold water spigot for the washing machine.

It’s also good to know this because it’s a lot easier than kneeling on the lawn in a downfall of sleet, flashlight dangling from a cord clenched in your teeth, trying to turn off the neighbor’s water main (by mistake) using only a pair of pliers.  The water company has a fancy metal rod gadget and knows which line to turn off.

Helpful Hints:  Fill a few buckets with water before the water company gets there so you can maintain flushing privileges until the plumber arrives.  Reserve some potable water for tooth brushing and hot tea in the morning.  (These are hints I did not have to learn the hard way – I actually thought of them ahead of time!)

So, how was your weekend?

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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