It’s a good time to visit the store!

Well, for starters, we have heating ~ come on in and warm your hands and ears!

But my real train of thought is – you can actually walk around without bumping into two hundred forty-eight other people walking around!  You can see things hanging on Christmas trees and sitting on shelves.  You can spend time looking at everything in a cabinet without feeling that pressure to move along, “and we’re walking, we’re walking!”  Too, there aren’t so many baskets taking up floor space.

DISCLAIMER:  I did take this picture early in the morning before the store opened for the day, but just look at all that lovely walking-around space! 


And everything is as beautiful as ever.

Of course, I can’t wait to see the new stuff start rolling in in a few months, but for now, this is your chance to take a leisurely stroll through the store and really enjoy a few moments of Christmas spirit, away from the madness of the real world.

May your furnace or heat pump or fireplace be working well tonight, wherever you are!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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