LED Lights – a note for crafters

So, this weekend I spent a day with a nearby friend, and she showed off the LED Christmas lights on her tree (which she purchased from a competitor which shall remain unnamed, pooh on her) – they were very pretty.  However, her family is used to warmer lights on their Christmas tree, and the LED strands she used included more blue and purple colors, along with cooler white bulbs.

Being a crafter, she had to experiment on the LED lights herself.  What worked in the end was an application of alcohol inks from her rubber stamping hobby!  She applied Butterscotch Ink from the Ranger Inks-Adirondack reinkers collection, and the white bulbs were warmed right up to a rich, golden shade.

She also tried this color on some of the purple bulbs, and they took on a lovely peach shade when dark, but still glowed purple when illuminated, so that didn’t work.  She ended up buying an extra strand of white, coloring a handful of the lights, and substituting them on her strand.

Just so you know, LED lights come in a variety of colors and in two shades of white, cool and warm. –Oh, and I was just looking in the online store, and our warm lights are on special right now – check it out.

C6 Warm White LED Lights

C6 Warm White LED Lights

Hope your lights are glowing on this cold winter day!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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