Last-minute Snacks

Surely it is party- and/or treat-time in your world about now, so here are a couple of delicious, sweet snacks that are easy to make and better to eat.

WARNING:  If you work with me, please stop reading now and navigate away to another post or site.  Otherwise you’ll just be spoiling your own surprise this year!

People Chow

6 C Crispex cereal
1 C semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 C peanut butter
1C confectioner’s sugar

Melt chocolate chips and peanut butter in a heavy pan; pour over Crispex cereal and stir.  Place in a seal-able plastic bag, add powdered sugar, and shake well.  Refrigerate.  Makes about 8 cups.

Snack Mix Squares

2-1/2 C pretzel sticks, halved
2 C Corn Chex cereal
1-1/2 C M&Ms candies
1/2 C butter or margarine
1/3 C creamy peanut butter
5 C miniature marshmallows

In a large bowl, combine pretzels, cereal, and M&Ms.  In a large saucepan, over low heat, melt butter and peanut butter.  Add marshmallows, cook and stir until completely melted and the mixture is smooth.  Pour over pretzel mixture and stir to coat completely.  Press into a greased 13×9 inch pan.  Cool until firm.  Cut into squares.  Makes about 3 dozen.

And easiest of all, melt milk and white chocolates separately on the stove top and dip  mini pretzels into each, one half at a time, or drizzle the two chocolates over the pretzels ~ or go crazy and dip one half and drizzle the other half!  Add a dusting of crushed sprinkles or crushed peanuts, let them cool, and arrange festively on a plate or package for gifting.

I just realized I’ve totally neglected my responsibilities – I should have cooked up a batch of each recipe to photograph for this post, so you could see the final results.  WEll, I have a mission, now!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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