Contest Announcement!

Starting next week, and for each of the next 9 or 10 weeks, we are having a CONTEST (alert~alert~alert!) on our forum!

Each week, in one category per week, we are asking for posts from our members – original and appropriate content, please.  At the end of the week, the powers that be (that would be me) will pick a winning post, and I will send you a $25 gift certificate to use on our Web site.

At the end of the weekly contests, we will award a GRAND PRIZE to one of our weekly winners in the amount of $100 to use in our on-line store!  If “we” can’t make up our mind and choose only one fabulous winner, we will split the grand prize amoung winners.

I hope this sounds like fun!  We’ve been hearing from our members, but we’re ready to pump it up a little, and we’re rewarding you for joining the conversation.  As I said above, your post should be relevant to the forum topic of the week, which will be announced here each Friday and on the forum itself (when I can figure out how to turn on the news box over there…) and it should be original stuff.

To make it easy, let’s start with the Holiday Recipes board, new posts from Saturday, October 25th through Friday, October 31st.  Please share some of your favorite dishes for the holidays – and a little story about where you got the recipe or any family traditions associated with it would sure be fun as well.

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you, getting to know you a little better (try the Getting to Know You board), and finding out how we can help you enjoy the holidays and experience the true spirit of Christmas.

As always, employees of Christmas Place and their families are not eligible to win prizes, but we’d love to have you share your stories with us anyways.

Join the forum and join the contest!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

This was fun – I got to use bold and ALL CAPS and Colors and italics all in one message!

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