Two for Tuesday – are we still in the Christmas store???

Although I can hear the chimes in the bell tower ringing out “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” as I type this, my screen is filled with visions of Halloween…and my mind is wondering when we started carrying road kill??  This is just too, too crazy – look at this Scaredy Cat – I would call it a Scarey Cat, myself!  (Does anyone else remember “Smelly Cat”…?)

Perhaps a shiny glass eyeball or two is more to your decorating style?

Maybe a little too gruesome?  Here’s a friendly Jack O’ Lantern to keep you company on the witching night.

Don’t forget to dress up your Department 56 village collection in spook-tastic style – a haunted mansion will bring on a few shivers and howls ~ Dr. Lunatic’s Laboratory will do the trick….

Of course, the scariest thing of all is that it is LESS THAN 100 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!  Get out there and get to work on your Christmas lists!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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