Ahoy! Important Reminder

Avast, ye beauties and bilge rats, aye and ye’ve already marked yer calendars, but afore it slips under yer keel, Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008!   This annual event is celebrated internationally, so ye know it’s real…ye will even find tips to help ye talk like a pirate in Mandarin Chinese, too – somethin’ I’d like to hear, fer sure.

We’ve pirate ornaments and gifts to help ye and yer scurvy crew celebrate the day.


Have ye need of a first mate, Cap’n?  He comes with his own earring and bandana.

Thar’s even a flock o’ parrots, tucan, and cockatiel from which to pick yerseln’ a Polly.

Arr, but I’ve found no peg leg in the store fer ye.  So, ye lubbers, get smartly over t’the site, drop anchor, and commence preparin’ for Talk Like a Pirate Day – grog’s on ye, aye!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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