Two for Tuesday

Just tell me how you can say no to that face.  You can’t, can you?  He is from an adorable collection called Hot Diggity Dogs, and there’s a whole herd of them.  Take a look…

The gal in the pink poodle skirt is blowing a big bubble; there’s a fireman, and a fellow in a cow outfit, a cowboy, a guy traveling with a grand piano on his back, and more.  Here is a closeup of the wedding pair:

If a different kind of sophistication is more your style, this figurine from the Painted Pony collection is an outstanding choice.   He’s decorated with buffalo in a rugged landscape.  This is one of the newest styles, and the base plate is highlighted with a steer skull and collection of cactus.

Here’s an elegant horse that’s been out on a frosty morning.

For the member of your household with an eye for elegance and a love of horses, you won’t go wrong starting them out with one or two pieces from the Painted Pony assortment.  You will surely want to explore the whole collection.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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