Calamity Janet

So, I don’t know how it’s going with you, but I’m now ready for this week to come to an end.  First, I dropped a 20 pound wooden box filled with spices – ON MY HEAD.  Crazy!  I have a big lump on top, and my neck is achy, and I’m a little dizzy when I lean my brain too far from vertical in any direction- but at least there was no bleeding.  Oh, I did manage to catch a grapefruit-sized bruise on my leg.  Yay.  Hey, the box did not get dented or smash to the floor!  The spices were saved! 

Then, a couple of days later…I locked myself out of the house.  No spare key.  No cell phone.  Like I would have any idea who to call.  Thank goodness I found one window unlocked.  After propping open the window with a convenient stick, I had to climb under a storm window and over a very pointy-ish aluminum frame.  With my dizzy head.  Yay again.

I think it will be a very good weekend to stay home, in one position.  After a trip to the hardware store for a spare key.  But not YOU – You need to come down to our sidewalk sale.  The tent is in place, and the skids, and they are loading in the merchandise – I hear that some items are priced so low we’re arming staff with super-soaker water guns in case the frenzy gets out of control!  The fire department does not want us using extinguishers after…well, they just don’t.  The sale starts at 9 a.m. tomorrow and goes right on through til 4 p.m. Monday.

Also, don’t forget about the book signing with Sevier County author Nita Fox and Christmas Place artist Andrea Wallace!  Captain Benjamin Dale would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any little readers on your Christmas list.

Be careful out there, people.  It’s a crazy mad wonderful world!  And it’s almost Monday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place (the one carrying the extra big set of keys and concrete umbrella)

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