Two for Tuesday

As Tuesdays go, it’s been a really busy day.  I almost forgot to post today because I’ve been chained to the desk, but as I was dashing through the store two things caught my eye.  HUGE surprise, the first thing was really really sparkly!

One of my favorite words for the holiday is peace, and this would look great on one of the stone ledges above my fireplace.  We also have Noel and Joy, my two other favs.

Water globes are a classic, and I would love to give or receive this one ~ it would surely be one of those items that just says “Christmas is here, now” as soon as you unpacked it each year.  This is an animated, musical, lighted snow globe!

We have a large selection of beautiful collectibles from the Thomas Kinkade line, more than we are showing in our on-line catalog.

It’s been raining here all day, which has put everyone into a really good mood.  Really!  We are so in need of rain, these are definitely refreshing showers ~ aside from the humidity, it feels to me like a dip into a cool pool.  I’m not even worried about the grass growing…

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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