To infinity…and beyond!

Have you ever wanted to go – or to send someone… – into outer space??  Well, you can send at least your name and your words there – NASA will take them for you.

Check out, and link to a form that will ask for your name and your thoughts on the importance of planetary exploration and the Kepler Mission, “NASA’s first mission capable of finding Earth-size and smaller planets around other stars.”  All names and messages will be burned to a DVD and sent with the spacecraft when it leaves the planet in February of 2009.  Isn’t that cool?

If you want to send your face into orbit, try this:  MIT and Georgia Tech are sending names into space for a donation to the project – YNIS, Your Name Into Space.  Designed by students, a small unmaned research spacecraft will be launched in 2010.  (Nope, there’s no room to stuff in a professor or anyone else!)

The team is recruiting sponsors for name or logo placement on the spacecraft, and, depending on the spot you choose, your graphic will either be photographed in space or physically returned to you when the vehicle returns safely to earth.  No promises, as it is a student project, but they are trying their best.  They will put your family photo, slogan, signature or picture on the craft for this project.  Question:  what message do you want the world to see?  Check out the current sponsors page!

 So don’t limit yourself to our little blue ball – get up there into orbit or beyond – and have a great life!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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