checking in…

So, you remember a month ago when I reminded you that it was less than six months til Christmas?  And I sent you that gift list form to get started?  to keep that whole panic-ing thing from hitting in the middle of December?  The one where you just can’t remember what Aunt Bee said about that scarf with the fringe and the thing in the middle – did she love it?  did it clash?  How are you doing on your list?

for Mom

I will continue to hound remind you about this.  I only have your best interests at heart. 

Dad (legend in his own mind)

You could just hand a copy to each loved one to list their requests – no effort required on your part except to remember that you’ve handed them out and need to get them back.

Keep the kids busy

Don’t forget those family members that don’t have opposable thumbs – and any orangutans that happen to be around the house.  Santa’s usually got something in his bag for them, too.

As you’re putting away all the gear after vacation, leave enough crawl space to get to the decorations in December, and think about some new elements for this year to keep it fresh.

 I’ll be back next month.  You could save me some time by letting me know how far along you are already…

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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