Two for Tuesday

but first, Whoa!  When I crested the hill early this morning there was a tsunami cloud bank backed up against Chilhowee Mountain – spreading out fully as far to the west as the mountain extends.  From that aspect, the cloud bank was perfectly level and dense and preparing to roll across the valley swallowing everything in its path.  It must have been spectacular as it lifted from the foothills through the morning hours.

Although snowmen are my favorite theme, I know there are plenty of folks who would choose to pack up and spend their Christmas holidays in a warm and sunny place that would allow for the accumulation of sand between the toes.  Here’s how you do it in spirit if it’s not possible in reality: 

White tree – not just flocked, fully white (not of nature, of course) with white lights.
Various shades of aqua and turquoise interpreted in sparkling leaves and coral branches.
Ornaments reflective of a seaside setting – brilliant fish, seahorses, Santa in Hawaiian attire and convertible, light houses.
Hang a few fish and some coral from the ceiling.

Add an inflated palm tree, slip into your swimsuit, scatter some beach towels in front of the fireplace, stick a tiny umbrella in your eggnog, and you are there.

Finishing touch: a wreath above the fireplace.

Now, go find yourself some sand……….

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. I can count, but I felt this tree deserved the full-on theme treatment, not just two lonely pics!  New trees and decorating themes are appearing daily now.

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