Almost Wednesday ~ and almost July

There seems to be a general case of that “almost Wednesday” feeling floating about today – I know I am not alone in wishing for some nap time…some Mondays are just that much more Mondayish.  Where’s a George Costanza desk when you could really use one??

Of course, by Wednesday, it will be next month already, and into what mist has the first half of 2008 vanished, precisely?  Ah, well, July will be a great month – after all, we get to celebrate all this wonderful summer stuff for the next 31 days:  Blueberries Month and Air-Conditioning Appreciation Days; Grilling, Ice Cream, Horseradish, Hot Dog, and Bikini Month; and Women’s Motorcycle and Nation Recreation & Parks Month.  I see some real alignment of the stars going on here – and the earth is at aphelion on July 4th!  ((The best thing about looking at the calendar occasionally is all the new stuff I learn.  Check out aphelion here if you don’t know it already.  Although this article refers to the year 2001, aphelion is occuring on July 4th again in 2008 according to the Navy.))

In addition to celebrating our nation’s independence this Friday, there are a plethora of special days this month.  Let me just mention the one which, perhaps, holds the most significance for the human race:  Chocolate Day, July 7th.  Never mind national or international chocolate day or any of the varietal chocolate days.  I find the simple Chocolate Day to be preeminent, expressed preeminently in the fudge state of being.  It comes long before Cow Appreciation and even Walk on Stilts days.

The United States is the only country with a known birthday.  ~ James G. Blaine

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness.  You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.  ~ Erma Bombeck

We welcome a visit by Uncle Sam to the store this weekend.  He will be handing out American flags to our guests, and reminding us of the hard-won freedom our nation cherishes and celebrates on Independence Day.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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