Hug Your Cat!

I’ll be out for a couple of days for a wedding (not mine, my sister’s), so I’ll leave you with the important reminder that Friday is Hug Your Cat day so be sure to give ‘em a good squeeze!  Just for fun, drop in on this site in case you don’t have one at home to love on and squish and sneeze over.

Riddle me this: why, when I searched for “cat” on our shopping site, was the first item up a purple feather??  I guess that would be classified as a cat accessory, maybe? 

Have a great Almost Friday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  I would like to reassure everyone that I do understand why the feather came up in the search for “cat.”  More proof that the human brain does not think in 1 and 0 like the electronic brain!  For our new shopping site (currently under construction) we’ve been refining search engine properties so that actual cats will show up first in a search list for the same.  I just happened to find it particularly amusing that an item that would so well entertain a cat appeared in my earlier search….had a fishing rod also appeared, it would have pushed me over the top!


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