My Favorite Christmas Present Ever

Another list from our store elves.  (I hope they haven’t noticed that they’re doing the heavy lifting for me…)  

  1. Ernie – In 1963, a cassette player
  2. Ginger L. – My first sewing machine, from my husband and mom
  3. Karen S. – My second daughter, born on December 19th
  4. Diana – World Book Encyclopedia, when I was 10 years old!
  5. Ann C. – A new red coat ~ from my teacher
  6. Rochelle – My first stereo, when I was 10
  7. Phyllis – At age 10, my first gift from my dad, a small stove and refrigerator
  8. Laura E. – A record player – it ran at both 45 and 33rpms!
  9. Laura A. – An April Showers Baby with bathtub
  10. Brittany – My bicycle with stereo
  11. Zahira – A pretty doll
  12. Anthony – Little red bumper train
  13. Anon. – Jesus
  14. Dee – When I was 6, I received a 144-piece dish set AND a merry-go-round
  15. Cindy – a Scroll saw =)
  16. Julie – a Bichon Puppy
  17. K-kin – a collage from my daughter and a bookmark from my son
  18. Penny – a Ring from my hubby
  19. Dawn – The only present my father ever gave me, a pair of deerskin gloves he had made from the skin of a deer he had shot
  20. Janet – I best remember a pair of footed pajamas that I received when I was about 16 or so – I was so excited that they fit me because I’m a little tall and things were usually too short

How about adding to our list?   We’re going to need some creative ideas for this year (besides lower gas prices).  I’m personally jonesing for a reciprocating saw.  Don’t get nervous, I don’t have anything that needs sawing … they just look like a whole lotta fun.  And they’re noisy.  And I can put my name on it in glitter glue.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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