Two for Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, and …

Here’s a funny little bunch – it’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but their skinny, streeetched legs are actually separate from their bodies ~ they dangle and swing about in a most amusing way!  Add whimsy to your tree with a collection  of these dancing Santas and Snowmen.  Me, I’ll hang them from hooks, doorknobs or cabinet knobs around the house (please, not from the rear view mirror, just say “NO” to objects dangling from a rear view mirror).  These fellows in their fanciful tights are begging to dance around your house.

Here’s another take on red and green ~ have a look at this lovely ginger-haired lassie – her name is Frog Girl, and she’s sporting an embroidered frog on the front of her corduroy jumper, the collar of her blouse, and the tops of her shoes.  Who can resist those  adorable, smiling eyes?  I had to check to see if she was wearing real baby clothes, but I understand the outfits are custom-made for this collection of realistic dolls.  There’s a Frog Boy companion doll, and a whole host of other babies in the Adora group, each as charming as she.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Hey, if you’d like to save a few bucks, don’t forget to check out Santa’s Basement (which is kind of funny, because here at the store it’s actually located in the attic) for great bargains on closeout merchandise.

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