Blooming Dogwood

A week of sun and warm weather have brought out of profusion of deep pink and bright white dogwood blossoms for which East Tennessee is so well known.  Enjoy a few pictures from my parents’ front yard.

The Dogwood Arts Festival has just wrapped up this week.  One of the festival highlights is driving a dogwood trail through a Knoxville neighborhood.  Here’s a picture taken along the Sequoia Hills trail.

My mother contributed the photos today – Barbara is just great with her digital camera.  In fact, I’m spilling the beans – the trail picture above was actually made through the windshield of the car!  (I had to crop out the passenger side support strut.  Seriously.)  Buck prefers slides, and is, in fact, even this morning giving an armchair tour of gardens around the world to the local garden club (on his dual-deck slide projectors with 7-second fade).  Between them, they have thoroughly documented the flora and fauna of East Tennessee and places around the world for the better part of the last century…come count the slides and files if you doubt me…

Woo hoo!  Here comes Monday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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