Went with the breeze…

Oh, sorry, that’s what my dad always calls “Gone with the Wind”, that epic film that turns 70 years old next year.  Scarlett actually uses the line in Margart Mitchell’s book, wondering if the Tara plantation was still standing or if it was “also gone with the wind that had swept through Georgia.”

I learned another interesting fact about the book today, from The San Francisco Music Box Companyrep:  Mitchell patterned Melanie after a favorite aunt, who married a dentist of whom the family did not approve, and was forced to annul the marriage.  Her aunt become a nun, and the dentist moved to Texas and became a gunslinger…Doc Holliday.  Isn’t that crazy?  Who knew?  Our 10-inch tall music box of Scarlett in her red dress plays Tara’s theme.  The attention to detail on the SF music boxes and water globes is truly spectacular.

And continuing in the theme of 70-year-old cinematic icons, The Wizard of Oz celebrates its anniversary next year as well.  Look at this cool music box with two water globes incorporated into the colorful design - a really unique and spectacular new piece, 10 inches tall, that is illuminated and plays “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

See, there’s a lot more magic than just Christmas magic around here!

 It’s almost Saturday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Next time, the rep promised to come bearing gifts of chocolate.

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