Bird Nerds??

Do you think there are nerds in the bird world?  Geeks?  Rebels?  Social misfits of feathered society?  I do.  I think there is one living in my neighborhood.


This little twit gets up at 4:31a.m.  Every morning.  In a good mood.  A Really Good Mood.  I mean a FANTASTICALLY. GREAT. MOOD.  Singing, twittering, chirping, tweeting, peeping.  I imagine his nearest neighbors are just longing to smack him up side the beak with a few stiff feathers.  The rest of the gang has the decency to sleep in until at least 5:30 or so.  What’s with this one birdbrain??  And where’s the Owl Patrol to put a beat-down on Twitternut until a more reasonable hour?  For crying out loud, Mr. Sun isn’t even up until about 6:30, what’s with the whole “HELLO WORLD!  HERE I AM!” pre-dawn siren??  (I will NOT call it a serenade)  I think maybe his egg was dropped out of the nest a few months back, or he tried to fly before he had feathers…


Anywho, my little Bird Nerd friend has me thinking about what the world – or at least East Tennessee – sounded like back before humans took over the landscape.  How many songs are we missing now because we’ve taken out so much forest land for farms and homes and boat ramps?  Not that there’s anything wrong with boat ramps!  I’m sure my bird-brained little neighbor might not have been singing so solitary a song a few decades back.  No wonder American Indians and the first settlers got up so early – they couldn’t possibly have slept through an entire chorus of Twitternuts!  I think that was before we had ocean wave and tropical forest sound machines, right?


~Janet @ The Christmas Place (not an early riser)

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