Top 23 Things We Love About Christmas

From all the elves here at the store, a list of favorites about Christmas, in no particular order …  though I feel I must confess to providing the first entry … yes, I’m a true glitter girl.  One reason to love the store ~  no one notices when I track in glitter from home.

  1. Sparkles.  You can (almost) never have too many sparkles.  You know, glittering, shimmering, twinkling, shining ~ all that good stuff!
  2. When it snows – at least four inches.
  3. Buying gifts for less fortunate children and families.
  4. Fresh-baked goodies.
  5. Presents.
  6. Being with family.
  7. Sweets.
  8. Lots of lights.
  9. Christmas TV specials.
  10. Gifts – giving and receiving.
  11. Kids, kids, kids.
  12. Santa.
  13. Enjoying the holiday with friends and family.
  14. Christmas music (we get to hear a lot of it in the store!).
  15. Celebrating the Lord’s birth with family.
  16. Sharing in family traditions each year.
  17. Aunt Dot’s cooking.
  18. Shopping for perfect gifts for everyone on my list.
  19. Live nativities.
  20. The Winterfest lights throughout town.
  21. Christmas parties.
  22. Having the whole house looking festive throughout the holidays.
  23. Making my own Christmas cards each year.  And making sure each one sparkles.

We’ll be adding to the list as the year goes on.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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