Department 56 Designer’s Magic

We had a terrific week with Bryon Shroats, the designer sent by Department 56 to dress up our village dioramas and displays – our villages are looking quite magical now!  It’s amazing what you can do with some Styrofoam, a few power tools, several strands of lights, and a big bag of snow – the kind that doesn’t freeze or melt, yay!  (Some light vacuuming possibly required.)  We finished off the week with a tea-and-cookies reception for Bryon (see, I didn’t consume all the cookies), and we say thanks to all of you who were able to stop in and watch him work ~ and discover new display ideas for yourself.

Here’s a collection of pics from the week.

 Making glaciers.  (Use hairspray as an adhesive for glitter – less fuss.)



North Pole before:           North Pole after:


 Power tools – see, collecting pieces and building displays is truly a hobby for everyone in the family to enjoy.


 And some pics of the Christmas in the City diorama, with a few spots waiting for new pieces still to come.


Thanks to the designer’s inspiration and the creativity and hard work of our own fabulous design team here at The Christmas Place, our whole Department 56 Gallery (including Snowbabies) is looking pretty spiffy and beautiful now!  We hope you’re inspired to share with us some photos of your own displays … or memories and photos of Christmases past.  My mom created an entire cross-stitched village that she likes to display each December.

Of course, here in the store, we carry all the accessories, trees, lights, lamp posts, figurines, fences, walls, and snow you could want for your village.  We also host a Department 56 Collectors Club, membership in which comes with rebate discounts, free catalogs, and free shipping on certain orders – and access to annual limited-edition pieces in each collection that are not sold to the public.  For as little as $12 a year, it’s a great deal for any collector.

Whether you’ve been collecting villages for many years or you’re ready to design your first one, our experts here at the store will be happy to help you decide what next to add that will make your own collection unique and special to your home and family.  It’s really all about creating precious memories for Christmas and throughout the year, memories that will last a lifetime.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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