Cool post-Yule

I said we would be talking about the store and all that it has to offer. 

Today, in a corner off the main floor, I stepped into a little spring breeze in the middle of winter – decorations from the seashore!  Sequin-encrusted, gold, blown-glass crustaceans in the form of lobsters and crabs scuttling across a shelf.   A bejeweled glass starfish.  Snowmen in flowered shirts and straw hats.  Blown-glass fish in many shapes and brilliant colors.  Even a Radko© Kissing Fish ornament, all presented a backdrop of Aegean blue with a white Christmas tree standing over it all.

 It’s a mini vacation for your mind to a warm, sunny shore – and Santa will meet you there, towed by a matching pair of fuzzy flamingos – check out this charming figurine from Possible Dreams©.

Think warm thoughts!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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